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We can't change the past.
But the future?
Well, that's a
different story.

Connecting kids with great opportunities

Not your typical way
of giving back

AngelScholars is a crowdfunding platform for education, created for a new generation of donors seeking a more personal engagement with students.

If you could do anything to provide a child with opportunity, what would you do?

  • Would it be something someone did for you?
  • Would you give a kid a break you wish you had?
  • Or would you create new opportunities for the hidden gems, the creatively independent or the silently brilliant?
  • If you had the chance to be an Angel, how would you touch a child’s life?

Welcome to AngelScholars, where anyone can easily create or fund a scholarship that they personally believe in. Where Angels and Scholars create a relationship, with funding as the start – rather than the end – of a journey.

Where Scholars aged 13-25 can find and apply for unique opportunities or create their own campaigns to fulfill their needs, and enlist family and friends through Facebook for additional support.

How it works

1. Register as an Angel or a Scholar

Join us in a place where people with a desire to have impact help students with a desire to grow.

2. Create or find scholarships

As an Angel, you choose the criteria for your scholarship. As a Scholar, you set up your profile, browse and apply.

3. See the impact

A little investment can go a long way. See returns delivered in something far more precious than money.

Popular Scholarships

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