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It’s 2016

Everything has changed. From the way we communicate to the cars we drive, to how we travel or the way we consume entertainment. Even the food we eat. All tremendously, wholeheartedly, fundamentally changed.

Our children are born into a world unrecognizable to the one we grew up in. So much opportunity, so many potential experiences available to them. Yet the competition for children to excel, and the divide between the haves and have-nots, is greater than it has ever been.

So why, then, do we ask people to invest in students’ futures in ways more suited to the era of Roosevelt and Rockefeller than Apple and Google? Why are we asked simply to write the check, stand back, and hope the magic happens? That it will somehow make a difference? You frequently don’t know where the money goes. More important, you don’t know if the money really helped.

That’s just not good enough. At least, it doesn’t feel good enough.

We founded AngelScholars to do it differently. Very differently.

We’ve created a platform that helps give real opportunities to real kids. After all, the things that make a huge difference aren’t just in education, but also how a student sees and moves through life. The kinds of experiences that helped mold our individual success and will do the same for students if they’re just given a chance.

We’re making it transformational, not transactional. The magic is the journey. A journey filled with pride and accomplishment. Precise and transparent. Easy to start, and even easier to share. Our hope is that AngelScholars over time, becomes a powerful network of people and students that together change the way we mold our future.

It’s real life investing. Together, we’re investing in the change we want to be in the world.